Age Groups

Baby Rooms:

The main focus in our 2 rooms for under 2’s is to create a home from home environment. We aim to follow and continue the routine you have already established at home, this enables us to make the transition into nursery as easy as possible for you and your baby.

Our caring staff provide a stimulating environment to encourage your child’s development noting each and every milestone in your child’s personal learning plan.

All children will have their own keyworker and a daily diary is kept to inform you of your child’s day.

2-3 Years Room:

Everything in this room is new and exciting, imagine going on an adventure, never quite knowing what is going to happen next. This is how your child feels facing many new challenges.

All day is spent learning new and wonderful things. In this room we are encouraging the children to explore and learn through their play. We will support this by offering a range of activities such as painting, baking, sand and water play, and much, much more.

The room provides the children with a wide and varied selection of toys and resources suitable to their age and stage of development. Toys and resources are easily at hand for them to use whenever they want but we also maintain a structured routine so that each child gets to experience creative activities.

3-5 Years Room:

Pre-school staff provide a wide range of stimulating and challenging activities which allow each child to develop at their own rate. Activities are planned using the 3 -5 curriculum framework. The children enjoy a range of both free play and structured activities such as water, sand, painting, play dough, songs and stories, maths and language games etc.

Here the children continue to gain in confidence and develop a wider range of skills providing a solid foundation for primary education.

The curriculum is planned over the year and activities take account of individual and group activities. These are planned to allow all children to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Children in the pre school room continue to have their physical, intellectual and emotional skills developed and nurtured. They begin to use fully formed sentences, ask endless inquisitive questions and make their first attempts at reading and writing. There skills are enhanced with the resources, play equipment and toys that we have available and their knowledge of the community expands on their excursions and trips into the wider world.

Outdoor Play:

The Nursery has its own garden with soft play flooring and outdoor play equipment. A great emphasis is placed on children having plenty of fresh air and physical exercise. Your child will have access to outdoor play daily. Trips to the local parks and shops are also incorporated into our routine.